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Darko Juka,

Corporate Communications and Marketing Department Director

E. pr.dep [at]

T. +387 36 375 457

F. +387 36 375 385


In accordance with the Aluminij`s provisions on communication with the public, all inquiries by journalists and other representatives of the press, radio, television and electronic media, for any kind of contact with members of the Board of Directors or with other employees of Aluminij, regardless of whether those are the requirements for a statement or to arrange a meeting/visit or on marketing and sponsorship matters, must be addressed solely to the Corporate Communications and Marketing Department. These letters of inquiry must clearly explain a purpose or matter of interest. If those inquiries are sent by e-mail, they must have an official letterhead and other symbols of the media company on whose behalf they wish to contact Aluminij, while those letters that arrive through a postal service must be written on an official letterhead and duly signed and stamped. Otherwise they will not be considered.

Corporate Communications and Marketing Department is available to journalists and the public during the office hours (each working day, during the period from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m.) and each inquiry will be answered as soon as it is possible. Corporate Communications makes an effort to inform the public timely and objectively about all the important events related to the operations of the Mostar smelter, and we expect a full understanding in regards of our reserved comments for those matters that are considered under the mandatory protection as a trade secret.

Organizing Visits

Journalists and other media workers who arrange a visit to our smelter, must present valid identity cards of their media companies to our security officers at the main entrance, and to show their entire equipment they wish to bring within the company grounds where the movements are restricted, and the use of personal vehicles is possible only with a special permission. Visitors must be properly dressed, short pants, slippers and sleeveless T-shirts are not allowed and visitors must obtain an approval from the Corporate Communications and Marketing Department in order to take photographs of the smelter`s facilities.

Terms of Use of Materials

The use of the contents from the official page of Aluminij (texts, photos, audio and / or video materials, etc.) is available to the public. However, by downloading  these materials, the user agrees that nothing is going to change the meaning and credibility of the downloaded contents and that he is going to specify the Aluminij as a source, as the overall materials of the web page are an official stance of Aluminij d.d. Mostar. It should be kept in mind that the above mentioned materials can only be used for the reporting purposes, while the commercial use is only possible with the prior written approval of the Corporate Communications and Marketing Department.

Privacy and Responsibility

Aluminij will always respect and protect the privacy of visitors to our website, and we disclaim all responsibility for the contents of external web pages, which links to our official website.