Millennium Photography

Aluminij Mostar

The famous Millennium Photograph of Aluminij was taken on 18 October 2006. This date is also historical for Aluminij, because it became the theme for the third Millennum Photograph of the famous Croatian artist Šime Strikoman. From the 35 meters of height, in the basket of mobile crane Strikoman perpetuated the recognizable logo and inscription of the Mostar smelter, made of more than 700 assembled employees of Aluminij.

- During the turbulent decades of its work and I was following the reconstruction of the war-destroyed smelter through the lance of my camera, and later the projects of modernization of facilities, I have also made a couple of videos for Aluminij and plenty of photos, even a small photomonography. While doing that I got to know agreat number of people, so I came up with the idea to assemble ​​all employees of Aluminij, together with their management, who would form the inscription of the company in the area of the outdoor warehouse of finished aluminium products. That was a challenging venture which was seeking acommitment, so on that day, at 9 am, the employees of all work shifts gathered together, even those who had just finished their night shifts, which gave me the understanding of how employees of Aluminij d.d. Mostar experience their company and it showed their great committed to it - said Strikoman.