Aluminij Mostar

Slabs are produced according to Wagstaff LHC Technology (Low Head Composite Casting Process) by avertical, semi-continuous casting on modern equipment with efficient devices for the liquid metal purification. They are intended for hot-rolling to produce plates, sheets, strips and foil. Slabs are made from aluminum alloys of the 1xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, 5xxx i 8xxx series, whose chemical composition is prescribed by the international norms and/or customer requirements. When making an order, it is necessary to specify the slab dimensions according to our table, as well as cutting length and type of aluminum alloy by referring to some of the valid standards. Casting weight depends on the ordered slab length. Slabs are delivered in unpacked and in various lengths.


Thickness (mm) width (mm)
363 1355
510 1060
510 1120
510 1200
510 1310
510 1370
510 1490
510 1560
510 1680
520 1540

Maximum technical capabilities of the casting equipment

Maximum casting lenght 7000 mm
Maximum casting width 1680 mm
Maximum casting thickness 520 mm
Maximum cutting width 2000 mm
Maximum cutting thickness 600 mm
Aluminij Mostar
Aluminij Mostar
Aluminij Mostar