Reflecting the work culture within Aluminij and the extensive use of cutting-edge technology, modern systems that provide a harmonious workspace and environmentally friendly production, the company is also committed to supporting artistic, cultural and theatre events within Mostar and across the region. Promoting events that enrich the cultural experience for the community helps establish lasting connection to the community that reflects our values and benefits both individuals and the society. As part of this approach, Aluminij owns an exhibition space dedicated to that purpose; the Aluminij Gallery.

Both enrich the cultural life of the city residents, while offering a special experience for visitors and allowing them to enjoy art and other events in unique surroundings. With access to masterpiece artwork and quality musical accompaniment, visitors are immersed in local culture in a way that many have never experienced before. The gallery in Mostar providing the community with valuable culture, merging traditional with the new to bring culture to a new generation.