Aluminij News

Aluminij News

  • Tech Concierge™ Program

    As part of our technical upgrade, we will launch in 2022 the Tech Concierge™ program which will provide our esteem customers

  • Equality Forum

    Creating fruitful surroundings for community awareness, celebrating diversity and fostering social change. We at Aluminij are committed of supporting...

  • Strategic Alliance with NFC

    M.T. Abraham Group and its subsidiary, Aluminij Industries d.o.o., have also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Nonferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. (NFC)

  • Women of Aluminij

    The month of March has always been one dedicated to women, and by marking its significance on International Women’s Day around the world in early March

  • A Member of European Aluminium

    We are proud to announce that Aluminij is a member of European Aluminium. Our membership has been endorsed by their General Assembly through an electronic voting process

  • Green production

    In December 2019 the European Council endorsed the objective of making the EU climate-neutral by 2050, in accordance with the stipulations of the Paris Agreement

  • Solar Energy Production

    M.T. Abraham Group and its subsidiary, Aluminij Industries d.o.o., have signed a strategic agreement with Big SC Ltd. The strategic partners have joined forces

  • A Member of ASI

    As of 2020, Aluminij has been a member of the ASI. The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) is a global, multi-stakeholder, non-profit, standards

  • Aluminij is EECS certified

    Reducing carbon emissions is a priority for all of us at Aluminij. Renewable energy is a sustainable, clean energy source and generates no or very low levels

  • ISO 9001:15 & ISO 140001:15 Certified

    The ISO standards certification should be the main focus of every mature business. This evaluation process requires a great amount of dedication

  • Cooperation with The University in Mostar

    The University in Mostar has signed a Memorandum of cooperation with Aluminij Industries d.o.o. and M.T. Abraham Group.