October 23rd, 2020

by Aluminij Editor
7 months ago

Aluminij Industries d.o.o., have signed a ten-year strategic partnership agreement with Advaita Group. The strategic partners have joined forces and will work in synergy for the success of Aluminij factory. Advaita Group, with its knowledge, expertise, and network of global alliances, will promote Aluminij’s global aluminum market re-entering. Aluminij Industries d.o.o. has gained a strong partner in the global trade of aluminum products.

Mr. Amir Gross Kabiri, CEO and Chairman of Aluminij Industries d.o.o.: “The collaboration with Advaita and its experienced team will contribute extensively to the penetration of Aluminij’s products into new markets. Expanding to new territories is key for achieving our goals and for the future growth of our company”.

Ms. Katia Pazvantova, Managing Director, Advaita Group: “The collaboration between Aluminij Industries d.o.o. and Advaita Trade was made possible due to the mutual trust, shared values and our confidence in the project. We look forward to working together and to extending our collaboration to other projects in the future”.