Production Technology

Through the use of new technology and investment in employees, Aluminij has constantly improved its product quality. This includes a comprehensive IT system upgrade, quality control processes and cutting-edge environmental protection technologies. Workplace safety continues to be central to everything we do, and by adopting new procedures and comprehensive awareness programs, we have developed an outstanding safety record that exemplifies modern production methodology.

By the end of June 2002, the first comprehensive modernization project for Aluminij Factory had been completed at a cost of 250 million Euros, which brought in new technologies and introduced production upgrades that increased output, efficiency and quality. With its impressive technological solutions this state of art equipment significantly reduces noise levels and dust emissions in the workspace and the wider environment.

In 2008, the Green Anode Plant was modernized and a new vacuum vibrocompactor, a patent from Outotec, was installed. The same year the replacement of the old Fume Treatment Plant by new one, based on the adsorption of the anode furnace exhaust gases on the alumina surface was done by Innovatherm Prof. Dr. Leisenberg GmbH & Co. KG.

A crucial improvement that was introduced to Aluminij’s production process is the use of ultrasonic testing, which is an indispensable component of quality inspection for aluminum extrusion billet and forging stock. Testing of cast billets for center cracks and cavities has been standard practice in aluminum cast houses for many years, however, usually with portable hand-held UT equipment, which means only random checks are made. For the production of highly stressed components, particularly for the aircraft and automotive industries, reliable examination of all billet material used is mandatory. Ultrasonic testing should be performed directly after casting to avoid costly further processing of faulty material.