The Company

Established in 1975 and operating under its current name since 1977, with an annual production capacity exceeding 130.000 metric tons, Aluminij has been Bosnia and Herzegovina’s largest exporter. As a pillar of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s manufacturing base and overall economy, the aluminum industry, led solely by Aluminij Factory, supports thousands of high-quality manufacturing jobs and supportive businesses.

With its state of the art equipment, strategic location and well-developed roads, railways and seaport lines, Aluminij is positioned as a leading European aluminum manufacturer with access to the European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets. Today, being part of M.T. Abraham Group, Aluminij is once again becoming a Global Aluminum Leader.

Our wide-ranging partnerships include the leading names in the aluminum industry; Glencore International AG, Outotec GmbH, Hydro Aluminium Deutschland GmbH, Wagstaff, Hertwich, Riedhammer GmbH, Glama, Buss AG, Fives Solios, Eubrowheels S.A. and others. We are able to maintain these productive partnerships by consistently producing high quality aluminum products which are among the world’s best. Globally dispersed, our international partners, customers and suppliers, create a stable and firm network of alliances, enabling Aluminij to be a leading player in the global aluminum industry.

Aluminij’s biggest asset is the extensive experience and expertise its employees have gained over decades and which has been meticulously documented and preserved. From laboratories experts to production lines workers, generations of families have been devotedly working at Aluminij, creating its heritage, values and know-how.

Over the years Aluminij has received many international awards and recognitions for the quality of product, services and innovations, development or introduction of new technologies, management efficiency, economic stability and reliability, introduction and certification of quality management system, environmental protection and workplace humanization.