The Shareholders

Since 2004, M.T. Abraham Group, the sole shareholder of Aluminij Industries d.o.o., has been committed to providing its global partners with holistic solutions and efficient operations.

With vast experience within the industrial spectrum and a global reach, M.T. Abraham Group strives to promote responsible corporate actions while maintaining its business and ethical values. Through innovation and respect we achieve our global business goals and ensure the success of our Group and its partners.

M.T. Abraham Group’s investment analysts focus on identifying projects within our primary scope of emerging and growing markets that translate into successful and long-term income generating projects, while maintaining a risk management approach which seeks to protect our partners’ and our capital by hedging against market risk.

M.T. Abraham Group has long-term international business relations with partners, customers and suppliers, creating a stable and extended network of alliances in more than twenty countries. Our group’s networking and first-class reputation ensures Aluminij remains one of the leading manufacturer in the global aluminum industry and the successful introduction of Aluminij’s products to new markets around the world.