Women of Aluminij

The month of March has always been one dedicated to women, and by marking its significance on International Women’s Day around the world in early March, we show our regard and respect to the female contribution and influence in our society and our company.

Although there are visible changes in improving the position of women in our society, we can still say that to the present day it is far from the ideal worldwide. At this point in time and regardless of the development of global trends, we are sorry to say that women are still underestimated in the acknowledgement of their achievements, their knowledge and salaries compared to their male counterparts.

Aluminij Industries writes a different story about the position of women in the industry, a position that is often considered reserved for men. If we look at the numbers, we notice that only about 10% of the total number of employees in our company are women. But upon a further analysis of  the managerial positions, we encounter a big surprise as we notice that within the managerial  positions in our company, the power ratio is evenly distributed, by women “holding” 50% of all managerial positions.